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Just a little shout-out to this member who apparently couldn’t afford the proper shirt :PPoor girl XD

times are tough at team aqua



Just a little shout-out to this member who apparently couldn’t afford the proper shirt :P
Poor girl XD

times are tough at team aqua

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the dreaded hiatus post 


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I actually believe that one orb woke up the pokemon and the other calmed it down? also yay hoenn things that give me the chance to write down my dumb headcanons
In R/S, you get to hold the orbs in your bag, and this is the description: 
- Red Orb: Use to calm Groudon.
- Blue Orb: Use to calm Kyogre.
Still, we know that the Red Orb wakes up Kyogre, and that the Blue Orb wakes up Groudon, otherwise when we first encounter the legendary they’d react to the orb we are holding, not to the one Archie/Maxie is holding.
And in Emerald, the orbs didn’t work during the battle in Sootopolis because 1) Groudon and Kyogre were fighting and I’d like to see a human stop that 2) Maxie and Archie were too busy with checking eachother out to function properly 3) the two men were concentrating on the wrong pokemon (so basically, they’re two idiots)
…I cannot believe I am in love with those idiots

Title: Gypsy
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Never feel lonely.

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I’m just gonna stick this on my blogs to remind people that I find myself very often buried in work or just feeling low and that doesn’t give me much time to write replies and stuff! I do have everything drafted, though!!

sorry again for not being that active these last couple of days! ))

aquaticwanderer whispered:

""Hey. Matt. Been tryin' to reach you, new smartnav keeps fuckin' up, think it needs some rewiring. How're things?""



Matt wasn’t very good with talking to people on the phone. He’d stutter, he’d forget if he had asked what he had to ask… but this time, when the voice on the other line reached his ear, the admin simply freezed.

How long had it been since the two of them had talked properly? 

"A- Amber? I- I thought… aren’t ye supposed to be… travelling… around?"

Or maybe, Matt had simply been spending too much time away from the HQ… Maybe they were right, when they told him he worked too much…

"Fuckin’ Magmas," he grumbled half-heartedly; regardless of his standing with Aqua, at the current point in time, Magma was still number one on his shitlist. "Don’t ever know when to just sit down and shut up. Stand by what I said before, a couple pounds of explosives in their base would go a long way, for us."

Upgraded engines. Holy shit, upgraded, solar-powered engines.Just the thought of it brightened Amber’s demeanor considerably, and his free hand twitched as he thought about the wiring- goddamn, if that wasn’t a reason to go back, he didn’t know what was. Of course… at the same time, he wasn’t sure if he was ready to go back. Months of wandering around on his own, and he had nothing to show for it save for a rather large hole in his life’s savings.

"….Thinking about it, yeah. Starting not to have too much of an option, anymore, almost completely broke; job-hunting ain’t as easy as it used to be, when you’re wearin’ the swag."  It was a sad day where the only option for stable work was turning back to eco-terrorism, to be sure. Of course, that was provided work at the base was actuallystable, and there was no guarantee that was the case. “…You all still getting paid, then? Can’t imagine it’d be too much, even if you were.”

"Ah, umh, the pay stayed the same since… well… ye weren’t the only one who had to take a break. A lot o’ people left after the accident, and…

A long sigh left Matt’s lips, eyes fixed on his dirty black shoes. He didn’t like remembering what happened -no one did, really- , but forgetting would’ve been even worse. Aqua had learned from its mistakes.

"…we’re not as many as before… but we’re still doing stuff. Keepin’ Magma at bay, helping the coast guard… we somehow work fer the oceanic museum? Don’t know how Archie managed that, but… yeah. Seeing you again will be nice, mate. Arceus only knows how much synchronizing radio frequencies makes me head hurt. Always been yer kind of stuff, after all."

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Banana Yoshimoto, Goodbye Tsugumi


Banana Yoshimoto, Goodbye Tsugumi

tides-and-seabreeze whispered:

""Are you threatening me?""




-Maxie paced around the other redhead, smiling deviously to himself, before stopping in front of him and stroking the underside of his chin with one finger.-

What would you do if I was…~? You’re such a good boy, after all…


-Maxie’s eyebrows raise at Matt’s daring behavior, getting so close just like that…so close he could just kiss him. Positively adorable. He tilts his head to the side, not flinching away from him, but rather pressing his forehead against the admin’s, still smiling.-

Mm…hmmhmm~ You think my admins can’t act by their own accord? That’s right, because you’re such a sucker yourself…you can’t do a thing without Archie telling you to.

Right now…I’d give it about an eighty percent chance that my admins are hunting your little friends down right now…who knows what will become of them~? What are you doing, standing around here? Shouldn’t you be helping them? 

Unless you’re just so enamored with me that you can’t bring yourself to part from me…~ That, I understand.

The Aqua admin felt his face burn up when the other man simply moved closer.  It had probably been a mistake, challenging Maxie like that- but what else could he have done? Backing down was not an option- even when the other redhead reminded Matt of what the fucking banshee and that other bastard were probably doing.

Maxie’s words spoke the truth, though.
He was such an easy target. A faliure of an admin. 
Matt knew he wasn’t a good leader. He knew he needed someone to give out orders for him to follow…

…but that didn’t mean anything right now. The grunts were his responsibility, and it was his job to break this man’s face and leave.

The shadow of shame in Matt’s eyes didn’t dissapear, but at least he didn’t step away. That would’ve been exactly what Maxie would’ve wanted him to do.

"I- …I am not- …”


"Just… just tell yer damn men to leave the grunts alone, or I’ll…"

He had no idea on how to reply.

So Different, Yet So Very Similar 


The girl took a glance at the small drops of blood on the ground, before turning it back to the man before her. Yes, she could use a bodyguard. Hoenn was not a place she was fond of, if only because those simpering dogs who called themselves men liked to roost there.

"That’d be nice, thank you so much~."

She took to walking by his side, and truly hoped that when Hoenn found itself under their thumb that this man could be spared. For the time being, she didn’t think it was right to worry about it. He wouldn’t be ended by something like that.

"Name’s Lina, by the way. You are..?"

Hands buried in his back pockets, Matt walked next to the young girl, eyes fixed on the step that separated the street from the sidewalk. Sometimes he’d glance in her direction, mostly wondering why she had decided to dye her hair green- he was prabablly staring, but he needed to keep his thoughts away from the darkest corner of his head, and the girl and her green hair was the distraction Matt was looking for.

Why green? What was she doing at the docks? How old was she? What was her na- oh. Lina. That was her name… Not that popular in Hoenn- but then again, she probably wasn’t from Hoenn at all.

A few seconds had passed when Matt suddenly realized that he still hadn’t answered. Cheeks turning a deeper shade of red, the man blurted out his name while staring at the pavement, embarassed by his lack of attention. “Oh- umh- I- I’m Matt. Yes. Umh- sorry we had to meet because of umh… those two, Lina, but… it’s a pleasure meeting you anyway.”

…he really wanted to ask what she was doing by the docks, now. Such an unfriendly place for young people. This wasn’t the nice and popular part of Lilycove, so surely she must’ve ended up there by mistake… but being too nosy wasn’t a good thing, so the admin would have to find something else to ask, for the sake of avoiding endless minutes of awkward silence…

"Umh, might I ask where ye’re headin’?